Hello World, again


Hello world, this is the new home for the Yuki blog(tm). Finally, I can use =org-mode= \m/.

Anyway, this new blog is now powered by Hugo. Hugo is really awesome and I find it to be an ease to setup this site :3.

The reason why I'm abandoning Pelican is because I find it to be a nuisance in a while. It's starting to feel like an abandoned, not maintained software especially when it's incompatible with Python 3.

Anyway, I've tried other generators such as Nikola, org-page, etc. I found those to be overly complicated, I mean come on! I just need a fucking program which generates a simple blog site from templates, How hard could that be?!. Nikola is probably the one that confuses me the most, the default config file is sooo long and most of them are useless. Sure, I like the idea of having multilingual posts (so my Indonesian friends can read my posts) but it's a bit of a nuisance. org-page feels absolutely broken to use, I can't even set it up correctly. Sure this can be caused by my "lack of skill", but if something at the start is already hard to setup, I might as well not use it.

So, I looked at Hugo, I didn't know it has Org mode supported natively. I googled it once and the first result is a blog post on how to do it by having pandoc converting it to markdown. Of course, I dislike the idea of using pandoc since it'll most likely kill some important syntaxes. I looked at emacs-easy-hugo and noticed it can do org-mode, at first I thought it does some conversion but nope, Hugo does the job.

Anyway, I end up setting up a new Hugo site and it was a breeze to setup! It's amazing that I met spf13 while on my GCI trip. I wish we talked more but I doubt he had any time to talk :(.

Setting up the layouts is suprsingly really easy, I haven't tried Go templates and this is my first time.

I used hugo-xmin as a reference and starting point, I ended up changing a lot of things, I don't know if this is now mine or not, but whatever I added the LICENSE of hugo-xmin as LICENSE-THEME.org and appended my name on top, It should be fair I guess.

You might be asking why my website looks like this now. Well, I was inspired by The Website Obesity Crisis talk by Maciej Ceglowski. The talk was awesome and it inspired me to build stuff minimaly and keep the unnecessary stuff small. I revamped my main site into something like Vincent Canfield's site and Better Motherfucking Website.

At first, I kinda want it to look like my Emacs theme but I think not a lot of people would like having a darkish blue background and some bright colors for hyperlinks so I used Better Motherfucking Website's colors.

The blog is quite different, it's my new site's css with a lot of stuff added like tables and code which I would use a lot over time. I used Solarized Light background color since I find it to fit the site's background color.

Anyway, by any means I'm not a good frontend web developer. I usually work on the backend or even better the infrastructure/system side of things. Stuff like automating stuff and doing system administrator work. I know very little HTML/CSS and I don't want to even use JS unless necessary on this site.

With this new site, I hope I can write more posts, I already have a couple in my head and wanna restart the "Where I come from" series of posts. I think it would be better if I cover some parts of my life and hobby like School, Console Hacking, Game Hacking, UNIX stuff, etc since I do a lot of interesting stuff as a kid and it'll be a really long read if I cover all of them in one post. Instead I would start covering each part of the stuff that I wanna talk about and converge them at the end. I don't know how obviously especially with my pretty weak writing skills but I like the challenge. Hopefully by doing this "blog", I can be a better writer and be better at explaining very technical stuff to a not-so technical minded audience.

The old site is archived on my GitHub at yukiisbored/blog-archive, feel free to see my cringy early blog posts ;).

I hope I can write more posts since I really like talking about stuff I wanna talk about to an audience, I do realize I don't have a lot of readers but I don't care. At least If I need a reference for what I did in life, I have this blog which hopefully have content about interesting stuff that I did in the past or just stuff in general.

Anyway, Thanks for reading this pretty lenghty blog post <3